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Extravagant Services


While every event is unique, one common denominator in everything that we do is bring an Extravagant level of excellence. So while we cover the gamut of "typical events" everything that we do is Extravagant.

Accomplished Emcee

With over 22 years of special events ranging from hip-hop battles and DJ Expo nights to the most extravagant wedding ceremony that would rival a White House white tie event, Aaron has Emceed and hosted the Gamut of special events and has mastered the ability to both immerse himself in the social culture of the event as well as portray that while hosting and speaking.

Whether its an intimate Anniversary party or a Corporate VIP Tailgate Party at the Rosebowl there is no event to big or too small and certainly not one that he can not handle . . .

Photobooth and Website

One of the fastest-growing services in the special event industry is the Photobooth! And while we agree that the Photobooth is an amazing way to get some brand awareness while having fun, what's not fun is not having a place to view all the fun in one spot. Of course, all of the photos taken from the evening are shareable by each participant who takes a photo but we've taken it further and have found a way for you to have a website with all the photos, GIFs and Boomerangs in one spot where you can share and download to your hearts desire. Its customizable and its a great addition to your event!

DJ Set
DJ and Event Host

One thing we hear a lot of at Extravagant is it's easy to find someone who can just play a playlist but we want more than that . . . We want a DJ who can read the crowd, play the hits across multiple genres and we want someone who isn't afraid to use the microphone. Well, we've had 22 years of experience to hone our skills and we've got just what your event needs to bring the party to life.

Constantly looking for ways to update and upgrade our sound, lighting and our skills we've got a setup that will make even the most critical a/v tech say hmmm . . . 

More Extravagant Services

Special Event and Social Media Package

Ever wanted to host an event only to spend the time, effort and resources to have a not so epic turnout? We've seen it happen and it makes us cry . . . but with this package we can make your special event dreams come true! Let us promote the event for you on social media so that the word gets out in plenty of time and so that your followers can hit that share button!  Then once we get them there we'll bring some special elements to help the night go smooth as well as help those who didnt show up this time say . . . "awe man I cant believe we missed that." What ever the event is, we've got some Extravagant ideas to get people there and help them have a great time while simultaneously hearing and seeing your brand come to life. Lets talk more about your Special Event needs!

Video Influencing Host and Production

Capital C Family is a big fun, big family channel that has a goal to partner with likeminded brands that  support the wholesome family fun message. We've got lots of creative ideas to bring value and brand awareness to your next project  but we also understand that you probably have a team specifically dedicated to creative advertising so we're also up for whatever you can throw at us.

Need help producing your own influencer video, no problem we've got you covered. Lets talk about your next project and find out if it would be a good fit or us to produce your videos for you.

Special Event Coordination

Weddings? Yes. Corporate Events? Yes. Tradeshow logistics and setup? Yes. Even logistics for a marketing tour? Yes! We've done it all and we've got the expertise to get it done on-time, on budget and with excellence so you or your brand look great!

Extravagant Karaoke

Its Extreme Karaoke done Extravagantly. We do not have a little machine to rent out because that is just not what we're going for but if you're looking for a setup where a lipsync battle or karaoke contest is the cornerstone of the event . . . then you've come to the right spot! This setup will rival any small touring band setup and make your event really shine. This setup has 4 wireless microphones, a singers monitor or a big monitor for the crowd and the singers to view. All powered by Karafun Karaoke, the #1 name in Karaoke Playlists.

Passion Point Marketing and Tour Management

While staying in our corner of the Country to produce Extravagant Events is our jam. We have relationships with some of the largest Corporations in the Country and we love to make their events Extravagant as well. . . anywhere in the Country.  From the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA to Mercedes Benz Stadium we've been there and done that Extravagantly! We've worked with and have great working relationships with Havas Sports and Entertainment as well as Evolve Concepts, two of the most influential Marketing and Logistics companies in the world. So if you've got a Marketing Projecct you think we'd fit well with give us a shout so we can talk details!

Environment Lights and Stage Sound

Small festivals and live stage sound are not too big a task for us! We've got a great midsize stage setup that will keep your event looking and sounding great. We've got plenty of lights and sound to cover your next event like the sausage festival, strawberry festival, balloon festival, market night or artwalk. Need a stage? LED Wall or how about an LED Dance Floor? We've got access to everything you need to take your event to an Extravagant Level.

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